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What three things might a Scrum Product Owner focus on to ensure his product delivers value?

How readily his product can be absorbed and used by his customers.

The size of his product in "lines of code".

How much of the functionality of his product is being utilised.

Direct customer feedback.

Minimising changes to project scope.

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How much time must a Product Owner spend with the Development Team?


40% or more if the stakeholders agree.

However much time the Development Team asks the Product Owner to be present.

Enough so that the Product Owner is not surprised by the value delivered by the Increment.

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Choose two responsibilities of a self-organizing Development Team?

Report daily progress to stakeholders.

Do the work planned in the Sprint Backlog.

Pull Product Backlog items for the Sprint.

Increase velocity.

Reorder the Product Backlog.

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Sprint Reviews are an opportune time to collect customer feedback.



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Scrum is based on empirical process control theory. All of its artifacts must be transparent to ensure sufficient accuracy of inspection. Which two measures ensure that the Product Backlog is transparent? (Choose 2 answers)

The Product Backlog is ordered.

Each Product Backlog item has a MoSCow priority.

The Product Backlog is managed using a web-based tool.

The Product Backlog is available to all stakeholders.

The Product Backlog only has work for the next 2 Sprints.

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Who determines when it is appropriate to update the Sprint Backlog during a Sprint? (Choose one Answer)

The Product Owner.

The Development Team.

The Scrum Team.

The Project Manager.

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Which two activities will a Product Owner engage in during a Sprint? (Choose 2 answers)

Update the Print burndown chart.

Prioritise the Development Team´s work and the Sprint Backlog.

Run the Daily Scrum.

Answer questions from the Development Team about items in the current Sprint.

Work with the stakeholder.

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Every Development Team should have: (Choose one answer)

The competencies and skills needed to deliver a Done Increment in a Sprint.

At least one representative from each major software engineering discipline (like OA, Dev, UX).

One Lead Developer and no more than 8 other members.