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Physical or psychological interference that can impact on how accurately a message is sent or recieved
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Denotative meaning

The objectice, dictonary meaning of a word
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The contemplation of your skills as a communicator with the aim of improving the accuracy and effectiveness of this communication
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A perspective that is taken during communication where your focus is on the needs or wants of the other person and not on your own needs/wants
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The negative or positive evalution you make of yourself as a result of the worth you place on your beliefs, values, attitudes, strengths or weaknesses
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All the aspects of who you are that contribute to your view of yourself, such as your strengths, skills, weaknesses, values or beliefs (combination of Self-awareness and Self-esteem)
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The process through which you monitor yourself to gather information that contibute to your self-concept
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Relatively stable enduring patterns of thought, feelings, motivation and behaviour that are distinct and consistant