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Level of autonomous driving

Level 1: Function specific automation: covers one or more specific control functions (automatic assisted breaking)

Level 2: Combined function automation: at least tow primary control functions designed to work in unison, driver available and in control most the time (adaptive cruise control combined with lane management)

Level 3: Limited self-driving automation: vehicle is control most of the time, bur the driver is expected to be able to occasionally retake control with reasonable transition time (google's self-driving car)

Level 4: Full self-driving automation: Vehicle is in full control and driver is not expected to take control at any point (non)

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big data analytics

Image processing

video tracking devices


GPS tracking systems

mobile devices

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Floating car data (FCD)

Telematikdienst zur Ermittlung von Verkehrsdaten

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Highway (HLS)

Main Road (HVS)

Link road (VS)

Arterial street (SS)

Local street (ES)

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Traffic light

stop sign

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different kind of roads

hard shoulder lane (=Pannenstreifen)

Bus lanes

High occupancy veh. (HOV) lanes

clinbing or overtaking lanes

reversible lanes

sustainable transportation

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changing of demand

open new facility: normal traffic growth, new traffic, induced traffic

opening of another facility: deduced (abgezogener) traffic

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measure traffic demand

traffic flow - loop detectors