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Ductile materials ...

can withstand much higher stresses than brittle materials

have a linear stress-strain relation alsmost up to failure

can be deformed permanently without breaking

are widely utilized in the aircraft structure

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In normal flying conditions, the wing spar web is mainly subjected to...





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A static test is successful if the aircraft structure withstands the ultimate load...

for three seconds, even if permanent deformations result.

for three seconds, without permanent deformation.

indefinitely, even if permanent deformations result.

indefinitely, with no permanent deformation.

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In an airliner, the maximum wing root bending moment is usually reached ...

when pulling up from a high speed dive at the maximum maneuver load factor.

when turning at the maximum maneuver load factor and design cruise speed.

when encountering a strong vertical gust at high speed and low aircraft weight.

when encountering a strong vertical gust at low speed and high aircraft weight.

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To stop fluid from flowing back from the accumulators to the main system in case of a pump failure, hydraulic circuits are fitted with ...

check valves

directional control valves

shuttle valves

sequence valves

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What type of pump is commonly used in aircraft hydraulic systems?

variable delivery piston pump

constant delivery piston pump

variable delivery gear pump

constant delivery gear pump

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Which of the following are primary flight controls?


elevator trim tab

roll spoiler


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The MCDU (Multipurpose Control and Display Unit) is the input device for ...

the autopilot.

the flight management system.

the fly by wire system.

the flight displays.