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Vocabulary Module 3

Vocabulary Module 3

Vocabulary Module 3

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Erstellt / Aktualisiert 10.10.2013 / 22.06.2014
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to leave a place, thing or person forever;

to abandon


to start to do sth different from what you usually do, especially in your job

to branch out

sich ausweiten

to change the date or time of an event so that it happens earlier than planned

to bring forward

zeitlich vorziehen; auch: fördern

to ask an amount of money for sth, especially a service or activity

to charge

in Rg. Stellen; auch; anklagen

to be made of or formed from something

to consist of

bestehen aus

to make sth happen at a later time than originally planned or expected

to delay


a strong feeling that you want something



to give someone the right to do or have something

to entitle

jem. ermächtigen