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The Ioad on a Fulty Automated HA/DRS cluster is critically unbalanced.

What condition could cause this issue?

DRS is disabled on one or more virtual machines.

The migration threshold is set to Moderate.

Storage vMotion is not enabled on the duster.

Storage DRS is disabled on the datastore hosting the cluster's virtual machines.

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A vSphere administrator determines that more metrics are available for viewing in the
real time view than are available in the daily view for a virtual machine.
What is the reason for this discrepancy in the number of available metrics?

The daily view does not contain all of the metfies that the realtime view does.

The default vCenter statistics Ievel is being used.

A vCenter statistics Ievel of 4 is being used.

The daily view presents a different selection of metrics by default than presented by the realtime view.

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A VMware admlnistrator determines that the active memory on an ESXi 5.x host is 20%

and the consumed memory is 90%.

How much Host memory is available to virtual machines?





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The vSphere administrator needs to check the system health of an ESXi 5.x host using the

vSphere Web Client. Which option in the Monitor tab should the administrator use for the

selected host?


Hardware Reports

Storage Status

lssue log

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A vSphere administrator needs to configure the envirorunent to send a notification to a
monitored email address every time a vSphere alarm is triggered.
Which procedure should the administrator use to accomplish the task?

Use the vSphere web client to configure the VCenter Server SMTP settings. Edit the alarm action to send a notification emaiL

Use the vSphere web client to configure ttle VCenter Server SNMP settings. Edit the alam action tosend a notification email.

Use the vSphere web client to create a vCenter Server scheduled task that will send a notificatioo email when analarm is triggered.

Use the vSphere web client to create a vCenter Orchestrator WOOdlow that will send a notificatioo email when an alarm is triggered.

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Which default alarm definition will send a notification trap if the redundant storage path is


cannot connect to storage

Datastore removed from host

Host storage status

Hardware health changed

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The vCentecr Operations Manager dashboard is showing Health issues associated with the
selected virtual machine. There have been no availability or configuration issues with the
virtual machine, and the workload badge is still green:
How should an administrator resolve this issue?

Select the Anomalies badge to identify the cause of the abnormal behavior, then take appropriate action

Select the Stressbadge to identify the cause of the increased stress, then take appropriate action.

Select the Risk badge, identify the host at risk, and migrate the VM to a host with more resources.

Select the Risk badge to identify how much time is remaining before CPU resources are gone, then assign more resources.

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Time Remaining, Capacity Remaining, and Stress are minor badges of which major badge

in vCenter Operations Manager?