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VMware vSphere 5.5 Flash Read Cache pools multiple flash-based devices into a single consumable construct called what?

vSphere Flash Infrastructure

vSphere Storage Stack

vSphere Swap Cache

vSphere Flash Resource

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An administrator is configuring iSCSI for use with a vSphere 5.x environment.

Which networking feature should be configured on the ESXi host to improve iSCSI performance?

Jumbo Frames




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An administrator must perform maintenance on a fibre channel switch connected to vmhba2 on an ESXi 5.x host. The host has been configured with the Fixed policy, and the preferred path will be impacted by the maintenance event.

Which procedure is the least disruptive option that can be taken to prepare for the maintenance event?

Change the policy on the ESXi host to MRU for the duration of the maintenance event

Use the vSphere Client to disable the path impacted by the maintenance event

Unplug the FC cable from vmhba2 for the duration of the maintenance event

Unplug the FC cable from the Storage Processor port on the FC array for the duration of the maintenance event

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Which vSphere 5.x feature provides for the dynamic allocation of storage capacity for individual virtual machines?

vStorage VMFS Volume Grow

VMware vStorage Thin Provisioning

VMware vStorage APIs

VMware ThinApp

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Your colleague needs to build a very large virtual machine and has asked you what the largest supported VMDK size is within a vSphere 5.5 environment. What will be your response?





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Which three Path Selection Policies are supported by default in vSphere 5.x? (Choose three.)

MRU (Most recently used)

Round Robin


Least I/O

Least Busy

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A company has been utilizing templates in its environment. It is running a 10-node ESXi 5.x Cluster and DRS has not been configured. Several virtual machines have been deployed from this template and successfully powered on, but a newly deployed virtual machine will not power on. There appears to be adequate CPU and Memory resources available on the host.

Which three things can be done to allow more virtual machines to be deployed into the cluster from this template? (Choose three.)

Deploy the virtual machine to a different host using the same datastore

Enable DRS on the cluster to balance the virtual load out across hosts

Increase the virtual machine memory reservation

Move the swap file to a different location

Select a different datastore for the virtual machine

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What is the connection type of the primary VLAN in a Private VLAN?