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Who must directly supervise your student training jumps?

USPA Instructor rated for my discipline
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What is your most important task when in freefall?

altitude awareness to recognize and act at the assigned pull altitude
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What are the maximum winds in which any student may jump?

ten mph for a round reserve canopy; 14 mph for a ram-air reserve, waiverable by an S&TA

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How would you clear a pilot chute hesitation?

Change body position to modify the air flow over my back.

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In the event of a canopy problem, students should decide and act about executing emergency procedures by what altitude?

2,500 feet 762m

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How would you address the following routine opening problems?

a. Before releasing the brakes, spread risers or twist risers to transfer line twist to risers, kick in opposite direction, watch altitude to 2,500 feet.
b. Pump rear risers or steering controls at the bottom of the stroke while watching altitude to 2,500 feet.
c. Pull toggles to flare position and hold (or pull down rear risers and hold) and watch altitude. If stubborn, determine controllability with turn and flare by 2,500 feet.
d. Determine controllability and ability to flare by 2,500 feet.
e. Be sure both brakes are released.

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What is the appropriate action if below 1,000 feet without a landable parachute?

Immediately deploy the reserve parachute, but not below 1,000 feet with an SOS system.

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If the pilot chute goes over the front of the canopy after it has opened, how can you tell if it’s a malfunction?

If the canopy flares and turns correctly, it is probably safe to land.