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Describe how to avoid the propeller(s) when approaching an aircraft.

Approach fixed-wing aircraft from the rear.
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Who is responsible for seat belt use in the aircraft?

pilot and jumper

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When must seat belts be fastened?

movement on the surface (taxi), takeoff, and landing

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From whom do you take directions in the event of an aircraft problem?

my instructor

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Why is it important to exit on “Go!” (or “Arch!”)?

5. AFF and tandem students: helps student and instructorsto leave at the same time all students: to leave at the right place over the ground (first-jump course outline)
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Where does the wind come from initially upon exit from the aircraft?


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Why do skydivers first learn to fall stable face to earth (think in terms of the equipment)?

best position for deployment

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What does a canopy do immediately following a turn?