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What is coordination?

The act of negotiation between two or more parties, each vested with the authority to make executive decisions appropriate to the task being discharged.

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When is coordination effected?

When the parties concerned, on the basis of known intelligence, agree to a course of action.

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By what methods can coordination be effected?

- direct negotiation and agreement for individual flights
- standing agreements made in accordance with local procedures (= letters of agreements)
- use of permanent procedures agreed between national aviation authorities
- electronically

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When can APP authorise TWR to clear and release aircraft for take-off at own discretion?

letter of agreement!

- standard clearance (by CLD, variations need coordination), AND
- tower keeps APP informed of departure sequence and runway in use, AND
- assigned SID must be displayed to ADC, APP and ACC sector

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What are three important points about penetration of airspace?

- unless prior coordination, aircraft must NOT be permitted to cross airspace of other unit

- responsible for initiating coordination is controller of transferring unit

- transferring unit controller must comply with conditions of accepting controller

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What happens if departure aerodrome is close to a boundary?

Not enough time to transmit FPL data

- prior coordination needed!
- boundary estimate based on estimate time of departure

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How does transfer of control normally take place?

- at an agreed reporting point
- on an estimate for a boundary
- at or passing an agreed level
- acft is in climb/descent to a previously agreed level
(transferring controller has ensured that standard separation exists)

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When is transfer of control achieved?

When flight has reached the position or level agreed between the units.