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charge nun, an expense or a cost; 

to chage, to demand payment

The extra charge for gif wrapping your purchase will appear on your invoice.

The customer service representative was responsible for telling all existing customers that higher prices would be charged next month.

to charge: etw berechnen, verlangen, ; anklagen, anlasten

charge: Gebühr, Kosten, Fracht, ; Angriff, Anschuldigung

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to compile, to gather together from serveral sources

I have compiled a list of the most popular items in our sales catalog.

The clerk is responsible for compiling the orders.

erstellen, zusammenstellen, zusammentragen

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Abzug, Ermässigung, rabatt

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to impose, to establish or apply as compulsory; to force upon others

The company will impose a surcharge for any itmes returned.

We should not impose upon our staff by requiring them to work on weekends.

tom impose sth: etw erheben(Gebühren), einführen, verhängen 

to impose sth upon so.: jmd etw aufdrängen

to impose on so.: jmd zur last fallen

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prompt adj, beeing on time or punctual, carried out without delay, noun: a reminder or a cue

I want a promt reply to my letter of complaint.

The supervisor gave the new sales agent a promt when she forgot to mention the money back guarantee.

prompt: Anzeige, Aufforderung

adj: pünktlich, schnell, sofot, umgehend

verb: auffordern, abfragen, anregen

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to handle a complaint

to make a complaint

Beschwerde, Leiden, Anzeige, Klage

mit einer Beschwerde umgehen

eine Beschwerde vorbringen

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to rectify, to set right or correct

He rectified the problem by giving the customer credit for the unused items that she returned.

Embarassed at his behavior, he rectified the situation by writing a letter of apology.

beheben, korrigieren, rihtig stellen