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Karten zur Vorbereitung auf den TOIEC

Karten zur Vorbereitung auf den TOIEC

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to abide by sth. || to comply with; to conform

The two parties agreed to abide by the judges decision.

For years he has abided by a commitment to annal employee rise.

To abide by an agreement

To abide by the law

etw befolgen/einhalten

sich an einen Vertrag/Entscheidung/Regeln halten

agreement || mutual arrangement; a contract

The landlord an tenant were in agreement that the rent should be prorated to the middle of the month.

Vereinbarung/Absprache/Vertrag /Einwilligung

to prorate sth || to split sth; to divide sth. out

The landlord an tenant were in agreement that the rent should be prorated to the middle of the month.

aufteilen; anteilig verteilen

assurance || guarantee; confidence

The sales associate gave his assurance that the missing keyboard would be replaced


cancel || to annul; to call sth. off

The man cancelled his subscription.

etw abbrechen, Kündigen

to determine || to find out; to influence

After reading the contract, i was still unable to determine if our company was liable for back wages.

The skill of the union bargainers will determine whether the automitive plant will open.


to engage so./sth.; to hire; to involve someone or something

We engaged a salsa band to play at the reception.

Once we engaged Otto in the decision making for the project, he became much more supportive.


jmd bschäftigen/ engagieren/einstellen

to establish|| to institute permanently; to bring about

Through her many books an interviews, she established herself as an authority on conflict resolution.

The merger of the two companies established a powerful new corporation.