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Strength Training/ Weight Training/ Resistance Training

type of exercise that requires the bodys musculature to move (or attempt to move) against an oppoing force, usually equipment

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Concentric Muscle Action

When weight is being lifted, major muscles involved are shortening 

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Eccentric Muscle Action

When weight is being lowered in controlled manner, major muscles involved are developing force and lengthening 

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Isometric Muscle Action

When muscle is activated and develops force but no visible movement at the joint occurs.

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One complete motion of an exercise.

Consists of two phases:

Concentric muscle action- lifting

Eccentric muscle action- lowering of resistance

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Group of repetitions performed  continuously without stopping or resting

Typically range from 1-15

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Repetition Maximum

Maximal number of repetitions per set that can be performed in succession with proper lifting technique using a given resistance

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Heaviest resistance that can be used for one complete repetition of an exercise 

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Maximal Strength

Maximal amount of force a muscle or muscle group can generate in a specified movement pattern at a specified velocity

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Force multiplied by the distance a weight or resistance is moved.

Can be increased by increasing the distance a weight is moved or increasing the weight or resistance being moved

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Is the rate of doing work (work/time)

Can be increased by increasing the distance a weight is moved or increasing the weight or resistance being moved or by decreasing the time in which a certain amount of work is performed

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Training Volume

Is a measure of the total amount of work (in joules) performed in a training session, a week of training, a month of training, or some other period of time. 

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Rest period

between sets of an exercise, between exercises, and between training sesssions allow recovery and are important for success of any program

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Velocity Specificity

Concept that resistance training produces its greatest strength and power gains at velocity at which training is performed