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1) (in total) en tout. It comes to 35$ altogether.

2) (completely) complètement, entièrement, totalement. The display is altogether unaccetable. (...) The works of these artists are seen to advance an altogether different notion

3) (overall, in all) somme toute, en fin de compte. Altogether, things turned out fine.

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1) (completely) totalement, complètement The man was totally blind, he could'nt see at all.

2) (really) fam vraiment  This guy is totally gorgous (ce mec est trop beau!)

3) (absolutely) slang carrément  "- Do you want to see this movie?" "- Totally!"

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1) avant-garde au sens culturel. We've always been at the vanguard of technological innovation. //  By contrast, qualities of uncertainty, instability, ambiguity, and impermanence are taken as desired attributes of a vanguard, politically progressive, artistic practice.

2) avant-garde au sens militaire = unité en première ligne. A vanguard secured a route into the rebel area.

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Habitation, demeure, domicile. The old man lived in a small dwelling near the river.

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to champion

(idea, cause: support) se faire le champion, défendre, soutenir  (...) some critics have championed the work of artist such as Andrea Fraser, Mark Dion, Renée Green and Christian-Philipp Müller, among many others, for having abandonned the phenomenologically oriented mode of site-specific art (best exemplified by Richard Serra's sculptures).

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to accure to

(fall naturally to)  revenir à... capitaliser (métaph)  (to accrue = le fait de courir pour des intérêts banquaires, s'accumuler, collectionner, aquérir)  (...) a certain romanticism has accured to the image of a cultural worker on the go.

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on the go

informal (moving)   mobile  (différent de on the way, en route)  (...) a certain romanticism has accured to the image of a cultural worker on the go.

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void (adj)  nul, non-avenu  The contract was declared void by the judge.

void of sth  dénué de  She was void of any sense of humour.

to void  invalider (billet, ticket), composter  She voided the tickets when we got on the bus.

the void  =emptiness  le vide (p ex astronomique)  The satellite continued into the void. // She begins, for instance, from the basic premise that space is not the neutral container or void within wich social interactions take place but rather an ideological product and instrument in itself.