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What are the responsibilities of Version Control Systems?

Backup and Restore
Synchronization of collaborative generated Code
Undo functions
Change tracking
Ownership tracking
Branching and merging

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What are the basic functions of a VCS?

Adding files to Repository (repo)
Check out (download a file from repo)
Check in (uploading a file to repo)
Changelog/History (list of changes)
Update (load the latest version from repo) 

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What are additional functions of a VCS?

Branch (create a new copy of the code on repo)
Diff (finding the differences between two verisons of a file)
Merge (bringing two Branches together)
Conflict Resolution (changes have been created on one file at the same time)
Locking (prevent others to work on a file)

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What are the benefits of a distributed VCS?

Local sandbox for everyone
Works offline
Branching and merging is easier

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What are the disadvantages of a distributed VCS?

No backup
No latest version
No readable revision numbers

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What are the different phases of the software life cycle?

Req. Analysis - elicitation / documenting / formulating / managing of requirements
Design - design decisions are made, documented and verified
Implementation - coding, documentation of code, source code management, code change mgmt.
Testing - Test case definition and creation, creating test data, running tests, managing bug reports
Release - Defining dependencies, Running the tests, Building the software (automatically)
Maintenance -  how software could be changed / refactored or replaced

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For which areas in Requirement Engineering could you use tools and what are some established products for these?

Req. formulation, documentation and management

Products: Microsoft Team Foundation Services, Atlassin Jira, IBM Rational DOORS

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What are the Pro's and Con's of SVN?

Pros: integration into IDE (VS), good collaboration and source code management

Cons: no holistic management