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Possible Case Studys

 - A single organisation (Hofstede at IBM)
 - A single location (Honda in USA)
 - A single event (Swiss grounding)

Evaluating Case Study Design

 - big issue concerns external validity, because its impossible to generalize the findings
 - stil, many researchers point out that it is the attempt to examine particulars rather than generalize
 - may be extended longitudinal or through comparative design (vergleich macht es genereller)

Epistomology vs. Ontology

What is Knowledge? How do we gather knowledge?

What is reality composed of? Ist there an objective reality?


 - Natural Science
 - Deductive
 - Objective
 - Difference btw. normativ and scientific



 - "verstehen"
 - Hermaneutic-phenomenon logical Tradition
 - Symbolic Interaction
 - Induction
 - Subjectiv

Objectivism vs. Constructivism

 - Social phenomena and their meaning are independent and therefore objective

 - Reality is constructed
 - Everyone sees the world through their own eyes
 - Researchers and their objectcs of interest are linked

Types of Theory

 - Middle Range Theories (e.g. Explanation why women are underrepresented)

 - Grand Theory (e.g. Critical Theory)

Definition of Theory

Explanation of observed regularities