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Preoccupations of Qualitative Research

 - Seeking through the eyes of those studied
 - Unexpected findings
 - emphasis on context
 - "thick description of what is going on"
 - emphasize on social process
 - flexible
 - limited structure





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Challenges in Qualitative Data Analysis

 - large data base
 - richness of data makes it difficult to find analytic paths
 - no clear-cut rules

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Qualitative Data Analysis

 choice of method depends on type of problem and type of data

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Overview Qualitative Data Analysis

Coding and Categorizing (Daten in Kategorien aufsplitten)
 - Theoretical Coding
 - Thematic Coding

Narrative and Hermaneutic Coding (trying to conduct sense of narrative, read btw. the lines)
 - Narrative Analysis
 - Objective Hermaneutics

 Conversation Analysis


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Predominently Qualitative vs. Quantitative Analysis

Analysis of latent (verborgen) meaning
- Wörtlichkeit ist wichtig, meaning btw. the lines

Analysis of apparent meaning
 - often large amounts of data, computer aided procedures


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Critics Grounded Theory

 - disputable whether theory-neutral observation is feasible
 - often required to build studies on what is already known
 - results may end in concepts, but not in theory
 - unclear difference between concepts and categories


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Grounded Theory Advantages

 - Capturing Complexity
 - Linking with Practise
 - Putting life into well-established fields
 - facilitating theoretical work in areas that have not been well researched

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Tools of Grounded Theory

 - Theoretical Sampling
 - Coding
 - Theoretical Saturation
 - Constant Comparison