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what does promotion consist of?

Sales Promotion (Verkaufsförderung), Public Relations (Öffentlichkeitsarbeit), Advertising (Werbung), Personal Selling
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What is the reason for Sales Promotion?

To convince people to buy your products
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What does Sales Promotion consist of?

Sales promotion consists of short-term incentives to encourage sales of a product or service at the point of sale. Whereas advertising offers reasons to buy a product or service, Sales Promotion offers reasons to buy now.
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Name three promotion tools which are designed to stimulate sales

Consumer Promotion (Verbraucherförderung): e.g. samples (Proben, Muster), give aways (Zugaben, Werbegeschenke), contests, competitions (Gewinnspiele), demonstrations , games, price packs, coupons, trading stamps, payment by installments (Ratenzahlung)

2.) Trade Promotion (Handelsförderung): e.g. displays demonstrations, discounts, trainings

3.) Staff Promotion (Verkäuferförderung): promotion of a firms salesforce, bonuses, sales contests, trainings


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What does Public Relation stand for?

a. Improving the image of your company, building good relations with a company´s public by obtaining favourable publicity, building up a good image and handling unfavourable rumours and events.
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How is the place called where you can advertise?

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What do Recall and Recognition stand for?

Recall is a brainstorm, Recognition tests the recognition
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Name some major PR tools

  1. press conference, press tour (Pressefahrt), press kit (Pressemappen), press releases (Presseaussendungen), company visits, speeches, conferences, special events (multimedia presentations, grand openings, jubilees,...), annual reports (Geschäftsbericht), publications, social services for employees, company newsletter/ magazines, donations to charities (Spenden für wohltätige Zwecke), sponsoring (cultural sponsorships, sports sponsorships,...), employing a publicity manager (who promotes favourable press stories or responds to criticism)