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Projects can be considered as a system.

Which type of systems does a project beling to?

technical systems

social systems

psychological systems

economic systems

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Small projects differ from projects in...

the need of a project assignment.

the use of fewer project management methods.

the use of swot-analysis.

nothing in particular.

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Which PM-method is obligatory for small projects and projects?

project assignment


cash-flow anaylsis


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What are the main elements of consideration in a project management?

scope, schedule, costs & resources, context, risk and organisation

scope, schedule, costs, cash-flow, risk and organisation

scope, schedule, costs, context, customer

scope, schedule, costs & resources, context, stakeholder and organisation

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Objectives of the project start process are among others...

the development of the "big project picture" in the project team

assigning the project manager

creating a progress report

documenting change requests

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During the project start process...

agreements with the project owner are made

the project resources are controlled

the realisation of all workpackages is started

the supply contracts awarded

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The time context of a project is...

pre- and post-projectphase

other projects

organisational strategy

start and finish date of the project

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The project scope and context analysis ...

helps the PM to get the big picture of the project

is a method for project crisis management

is method for detailed resource estimation

has to be done during the project close-down