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Project Management

Introduction, Project Start and Closing, Project Planning

Introduction, Project Start and Closing, Project Planning

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Defintion of a project?

"A project is a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product or solution." (PMI, 2004)

Characteristics of a project:

  • are temporary (defintie beginning and end)
  • provide unique results, product, services
  • are progressively elaborated (step-wise approach, developed thoroughly)
  • often involve risks beyond ongoing operation
  • involve complexity (many players, several disciplines, many inter-relations and inter-dependencies, standard approaches not possible)
  • have clear objectives
  • have constraints regarding time, cost, resources
  • have a specific organization
  • are influenced by goal-driven activities of multiple stakeholders
  • need resources across functions and often from outside the organization
  • require temporary involvement of people who often have other conflicting roles within the organization

Characterize project success!

  • if the results expected by the project owner have been achieved (or more)
  • with the defined resources, and
  • in the defined time, and
  • in the defined quality, and
  • if all affected people accept the change, and
  • if it can be demonstrated that the economical efficiency has been achieved

When is the project execution successful?

If the project execution objectives have been achieved according to the metrics (time, costs, performance, quality)

When is the projects product successful?

If the product (system) objectives have beem achieved according to the metrics (acceptance, economical efficiency)

What is project management?

"Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements.

(PM require the ability to geht the job done:

- on time

- within budget

- according to specifications

- with a high level of customer satisfaction (=quality))

Which requirements form the "magic triangle"?

  • scope
  • time
  • costs/ resources
  • (with quality inside)

Which are the key tasks of a project manager?

  • planning the project in detail (scope, time, cost, resources,...) according to project objectives
  • monitoring and controlling the project (in terms of scope, time, costs, resources, and according influencing variables) during it's lifecycles, for assuring target achievement of the project
  • assuring quality of projects deliverables
  • managing project's risks


  • leading the project team
  • identifying, considering and balancing the requirements of all identified stakeholders of the project


  • change leadership for achieving the desired change