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self defined

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Was meint man wenn von "y percent" gesprochen wird?

Mit "y percent" meint man "y/100"

19 DT: If k is an integer and 2 < k < 7, for how many different values of k is there a triangle with sides of lenghts 2, 7, k?

1 DT: Last month, a certain music club offered a discount to preferred customers. After the first compact disc purchased, prefered customers paid $3.99 for each additional CD. If a preferred customer purchased a total of 6 CDs and paid $15.95 for the first CD, then the dollar amount of that the customer paid for the 6 CDs is equivalent of to which of the following?

15 DT: The product of all the prime numbers less than 20 is closest to which of the following powers of 10?

25 DT: If the untis digit of integer n is greater than 2, what is the units digit of n?

1 The units digit of n is the same as the units digit of n^2

2 The units digit of n is the same as the units digit of n^3

What is defined as the MEDIAN?

9 DT:  A researcher computed the mean, the median and the standard deviation for a set of performance scores. If 5 were to be added to each score, which of these three statistics would change?

6 DT:  A marketing firm determined that, of 200 households surveyed, 80 used neither Brand A nor Brand B soap, 60 used only Brand A sopa and for every household that used broth brands of soap, 3 used only Brand B soap. How many of the 200 households surveyed used both brands of soap?