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What is a State?

An entity that uses coercion and the threat of force in a given territory

Coercion and given territory

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Where does the state come frome?

Contractarien view:

  • State solve problems between citicens. State emerges from said problems.
  • The State helps to solve the prisoners dilemma in the Steal/Not Steal Game. Focus on conflicts between individuals
  • But who watches the watchmen?

Predatorian view:

  • State sells safety to citiens. State as the main threat!
  • Focus on conflict between individual and State
  • State faces same security dilemma like individuals. Extract ressources from others to maintain security

Bottom line

State making is not the intent of rulers but the result. They just try to grap power

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What is a governement?

Set of people who run the state. Means through which the states power is exercised

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What is a regime?

Set of rule, norms or institutions that determine how the governement is constituted, organized and major decisions are made.

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Classifying Democracis- Two views

Substantive view:  Classify in terms of outcomes

Minimalist/procedual view:  Classify in terms of institutions or procedures

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Dahls View on Democracy

Minimalistic/Procedural View

Inclusion: Who gets to participate

Contestation: democratic competition (to which extend ar citizencs organised in competing blocks?)

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Democracy-Dictatorship DD

  • contestation and competition
  • governemental office is a result of contested elections
  • Minimalist view


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4 Criteria in DD that must be fullfilled that a country is considered a democracy

  • The chief executive is elected
  • The chief legislative is elected
  • There is more than one party competing
  • There has been an alternation in power under the same electoral rulse