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What are the main topics of Project Management?

- strategic importance
- scope
- time (duration)
- resources / costs
- required manpower
- involved organisational units
- risks

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Where is the difference between a Project and a day-to-day operation?

- unique
- own rules
- own culture
- time-management
- social system
- target oriented
- team is temporary

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Of which processes does a project consist of?

Project - start / - controlling / - closing
during the whole project the Project coordination and marketing takes place.

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Which criteria's do you know, to differentiate types of projects?

- Industry
- Content
- Repetitiveness
- Customer
- Duration
- Complexity

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Why does a project form a social system?

- own culture
- own rules
- dynamic
- You need to analyse and evaluate the relationships, expactations and influences through internal and external social environments. There are different roles and rules. All this needs to be managed to make the project succeed.

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Which three organisational structures are known within PM? Advantages / disadvantages?

- Influence Project organisation
     PM in a staff function. All formal power rests with line manager.
     Pro: Only one PM for more projects.
     Contra: less complex projects possible.

- Matrix Project organisation
     Authority is shared between PM and LM.
     Less coordination.
     bundled competence.

- Pure Project organisation
     PM has full authority over PT.
     Pro: more motivation, total focus of the PM.
     Contra: more expensive.

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What's the use of project roles? Who defines them?

Project roles are defined by describing duties, skills and responsibilities.
A role is defined as a sum of expactations on the corresponding roleowner.
Individual roles: Prjoect team member, Project manager, Project owner,...
Group roles: Steering commitee, project team, sub teams,...

defined by CEO / PM.

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How do project objectives have to be expressed?

S - specific
M - measurable
A - attractive
R - realistic
T - timed