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For a repetitive ATC flight plan (RPL) to be used, flights must take place on a regular basis on at least:

10 occasions

20 occasions

30 occasions

50 occasions

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A repetitive flight plan (RPL) is filed: Paris to Nice, Paris as altern. Following heavy snow falls, Nice airport will be closed at the expected time of arrival. The airline decides before departure to plan a re-routing of that flight to Limoges.

The RPL must be cancelled for that day and a specific flight plan has to be filed.

The airline's "Operations " Department has to transmit a change in the RPL at the ATC office, at least half an hour before the planned time of departure.

It is not possible to plan another destination and the flight has to be simply cancelled that day (scheduled flight and not chartered).

The pilot-in-command must advise ATC of his intention to divert to Limoges at least 15 minutes before the planned time of arrival.

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A flight plans to cross the LONDON (EGTT) / FRANCE (LFFF) UIR boundary at 1130Z. EOBT is planned at 1010Z. This should be entered on an ATS flight plan as...

ITEM 15 .... /LFFFl130/...

ITEM 15 .... EGTT/LFFF0120



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Under ITEM 9 of an ATS Flight Plan, the letter 'M' inserted for wake turbulence category indicates...

An aircraft with planned take off mass greater than 7,000 kg and less than 136,000kg

An aircraft with a certificated maximum take off mass greater than 7,000 kg and less than 136,000kg

An aircraft with a regulated take off mass greater than 7,000 kg and less than 136,000kg

An aircraft with planned take off mass less than 136,000kg

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When completing an ATS Flight Plan, under ITEM 10, standard COM / NAV equipment and transponder with Mode C would be entered as follows...

S / C

N / A

S / A

N / C

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For the purposes of Item 9 (Wake turbulence category) of the ATS flight plan, an aircraft with a maximum certificated take-off mass of 62000 kg is ...

light (L)

medium (M)

heavy (H)

unclassified (U)

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For a radio equipped aircraft, the identifier entered in the ATS flight plan item 7 must always...

include the aircraft registration

be the RTF (Radio Telephony) callsign to be used

include the operating agency designator

include an indication of the aircraft type

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When completing an ATS Flight Plan, details of a cruise climb from FL270 to FL390, initiated at N5000 W00500, at a climb speed of 0.8M, would be entered in ITEM 15 of the ICAO flight plan form as...



C/50N005W /M080F270F390


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Aircraft total endurance has been calculated as 3.5 hours, under ITEM 19 of an ATS Flight Plan this should be entered...





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When completing an ATS Flight Plan, for a scheduled flight under IFR, the following should be entered under ITEM 8...

'I' 'S'


'Y' 'G'


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A flight has filed a flight plan for a route starting on ATS routes and later leaving controlled airspace. It is "cleared via flight plan route". This means the flight is cleared to follow...

the flight planned route until leaving ATS routes and must then obtain further clearance.

the complete route without further ATC clearance.

the flight planned route only until the next FIR boundary.

the flight planned route only as far as the limit of the control of the current ATS unit.

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Who is responsible for processing a flight plan?

the ATS unit first receiving a flight plan

the ATS unit in whose FIR the aircraft will fly first

the ATS unit responsible for the aerodrome of departure

the ATS unit responsible for takeoff clearance at the departure aerodrome

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The cruising speed to write in the appropriate box of a flight plan is...

ground speed

indicated air speed

true air speed

calibrated air speed

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When completing an ATS flight plan, an elapsed time (Item 16) of 1 hour 55 minutes should be entered as ...





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The maximum permissible take-off mass of an aircraft for the L wake turbulence category on a flight plan is...

7 000 kg

2 700 kg

5 700 kg

10 000 kg

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In the ATS flight plan Item 13, in a flight plan submitted before departure, the departure time entered is the ..

estimated off-block time

estimated time over the first point en route

estimated take-off time

allocated slot time

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Prior to an IFR flight for which an ATS flight plan has been submitted, the flight plan should be re-submitted or amended if a delay in departure occurs in excess of...

20 mins

30 mins

1 hr

10 mins

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The planned departure time from the parking area is 1815 UTC. The estimated take-off time is 1825 UTC. The IFR flight plan must be filed with ATC at the latest at...

1715 UTC

1725 UTC

1745 UTC

1755 UTC

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When submitting an ATS flight plan in flight, how many minutes before entry into controlled or advisory airspace must it reach the appropriate ATS unit?

5 mins

10 mins

15 mins

30 mins

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A current flight plan is...

the flight plan as filed with an ATS unit by the pilot or a designated representative, without any subsequent changes

the flight plan, including changes, if any, brought about by subsequent clearances.

the flight plan, including changes, if any, cleared prior to take off.

the flight plan, including changes, if any, cleared prior to the aircraft's present position.

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When a flight under an ATS flight plan lands at an aerodrome other than the intended destination, the destination field must be informed...

As soon as possible, but prior to the estimated arrival time.

As soon as possible, but within 30 minutes of ETA.

As soon as possible, but before the total endurance time has elapsed.

There is no need to as the diversion field will do it.