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Pilotenausbildung: Flightplanning & Monitoring

Fakten, Fragen und Antworten zum Thema Flugplanung (ATPL).

Fakten, Fragen und Antworten zum Thema Flugplanung (ATPL).

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For a repetitive ATC flight plan (RPL) to be used, flights must take place on a regular basis on at least:

A repetitive flight plan (RPL) is filed: Paris to Nice, Paris as altern. Following heavy snow falls, Nice airport will be closed at the expected time of arrival. The airline decides before departure to plan a re-routing of that flight to Limoges.

A flight plans to cross the LONDON (EGTT) / FRANCE (LFFF) UIR boundary at 1130Z. EOBT is planned at 1010Z. This should be entered on an ATS flight plan as...

Under ITEM 9 of an ATS Flight Plan, the letter 'M' inserted for wake turbulence category indicates...

When completing an ATS Flight Plan, under ITEM 10, standard COM / NAV equipment and transponder with Mode C would be entered as follows...

For the purposes of Item 9 (Wake turbulence category) of the ATS flight plan, an aircraft with a maximum certificated take-off mass of 62000 kg is ...

For a radio equipped aircraft, the identifier entered in the ATS flight plan item 7 must always...

When completing an ATS Flight Plan, details of a cruise climb from FL270 to FL390, initiated at N5000 W00500, at a climb speed of 0.8M, would be entered in ITEM 15 of the ICAO flight plan form as...