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phrasal verbs

phrasal verbs

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32 WORK OUT (4)

1 I work out at the gym (do exercise)

2 After the calculation, that makes out at 5 each (calculation, hace)

3 I can´t work it out in my head (make the calculation, thinking)

4 all is going to work out well for him (progress)

31 TURN OUT (4)

1 Nobody believed me at first but I turned out to be right (BECOME CLEAR)

2 the weather turns out in scotland quickly (CHANGE WEATHER, AN EXPECTED RESULT, ETC..)

3 I thought I knew Paris but I turned out that I´ve never been there (realise) 

4 The factory TURNS OUT 10000 units by day (PRODUCE)

29 TRY OUT (1)

I think we should try the program out before buying it  (TEST BY USING)

28 SORT OUT (2)

the program has a lot of bugs we need to SORT them OUT quickly (find a solution)

The house has been neglected for long, we need to sort it out (put in order)

The papers have fallen and mixed, we need to sort them out

27 POINT OUT (1) to SB

the cost is very important, i just want to point it out (aware, make attention of something)

26 GIVE OUT (5) run out of

finish something

1 The PC gives out when are more necessary (stop working)

2 The whisky gave out very soon at the party (run out of something)

emit something

3 I gave the name of the winner out last night (make public)

4 car gives out a lot of fumes (emit)

5 At the end of the meeting, we will give out information sheets (give to each person)

24 FIND OUT (2)

1 I went to the library to fin out some information (get information)

2 I just find out that today is my birthday (DISCOVER)

22 FALL OUT (3)

1 I´m worried about baldness because my hair is falling out quickly (lose hair)

2 They were friends but Paul fell out with John long ago (stop being friends)

3 They fell out about a stupid thing (argue and be on bad terms)