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The assessment of symbos in psychoanalysis assessments

Helps gain insight into the process that disguises the unconscious dream wishes and represent hidden conflicts

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How did Sigmund Fruend access the unconscious mind? Hypnosis or a different method?

At 1st he used hypnosis, but found out that hypnosises doesn't work on everyone, so he gave it up and assisted his patients to remember while they were in a normal wake state

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What is Pepetition Compusion and how does it reveal itself in relatioonships and psychological assessments?

Repetition Compusion- the mind's tendency to repeat traumatic events in order to deal with them; reliving feelings

Personality test uncover unconscious conflicts and motives by using ambiguous or unclea task, tricking ego to allow hidden secrets to surface

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A temporary investment of psychic energy (mental and emotional) to a person, object, or idea Example: fantasies

Changes libido's energy

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Attempt by the ego to block expression of true desires or motives

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Primarily Unconscious

Where raw impulses or desires, needs immediate gratification, is illogical and amoral needs to be discharged or released.

Seeks pleasure and avoids pain, discomfort and pain. aka pleasure princliple

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Conscious and Unconscious

Is the connection between Id and external restraint (reality or law)

Logical side of personality that monitors and conrols behavior, making plans and organizing.

Reality principle considers consequences for actions and desires self-preservation over all things 

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Internalized parental influences on our life. The standards,  morals, or conscience side of the personality. 

Seeks perfection or ideal image