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What are a personae and the only role they played in ancient Greece?

persona refers to ancient Greek plays when actors would have to change a mask to change characters

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4 philosophical views of human motives

Negative View, Positive View, Neither View, and Human Diversity View

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Negative View

Humans are born evil or have a tendency to distort facts and truth. Humans tend to cover up their failings.

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Postive View

Humans mean to do well and are inherently good, if given the right circumstances. Humans seek growth, but events can block our path, which leads to neggative behavior

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Neither View

Humans have no control over destiny becase of genetics or that environment controls behavior

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Human Diversity View

Human race is made up of positive and negative people who have different motives and who make a serises of decisions that can change their value in life.

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Philosophical Assumptions of Theories: 

Optimism vs. Pessimism

Optimistic- significat changes in personality and behavior can occur throughout the course of a lifetime

Pessimistic- Personality and behavior are essentially stable and unchanging

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Philosophicall Assumptions of Theories: 

Proactivity vs. Reactivity 

Proactivity - acting on their initiative rather than simply reacting

Reactivity - reacting to stimuli from the outside world