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What are common items found in A&T SOFAs?

-Complete immunity from criminal jurisdiction

-Limited immunity from civil jurisdiction

-tax relief

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What are the most preferedd agreement the US seeks?

A&T status

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What are the traits of a mini-sofa?

-executive agreement

-longer duration than A&T agreements

-Broader than A&T, less comprehensive than a full SOFA

       - Includes same topics as A&T

       - Commonly used in exercises and humanitarian relief

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What type of SOFA do Host nations prefer?

Host nations prefer mini-SOFAs because of liability

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What are the traits of a full-SOFA?

-Typically a treaty

-executed by each government (ratified)

-permanent in Nature

-reflects mature relationship between parties

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What is the supreme law of the land?


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Explain Military Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act (MEJA)

- Anyone employed by or accompanying Armed Forces

-Misconduct constitutes more than one year confinement

-Not applicable to host nation nationals or ordinarily resident

-Allows for arrest, delivery, and removal to US

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In mutual legal assistance, what does the SOFA obligate?

parties to assist:


-seizure and production of evidence

-witness availability

-prosecution of offenses