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Ops Law

Operation Law Unit 1-3

Operation Law Unit 1-3

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What are two types of HCA and who are the approving officials?

Preplanned: The office of the Secretary of State/ Minimal: Ground CC

What funds are preplanned HCA paid from?

O&M funds

What is the purpose of the After Action Reports?

•  Help fight a more capable fight

•  Train for a particular contingency

•  Help others benefit by those who have gone before

•  Validates training

When is an After Action Report required?

Deployments and Major Exercise

When must an After Action Report be accomplished?

Within 30 days of return from a deployment or major exercise.

What is a CCO?

Contingency Contracting Officer

What are the duties of the CCO in initial deployment?

- The CCO advises all personnel not toobligate funds.

- Secures basic life support requirements. (Food,water,shelter, transportation,etc)


What are the first 30-45 days of deployment contracting called?