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What does Build-up/ Employment of forces in deployed contracting establish?

Establishes procedures to request items.

Establishes procedures for funding.

Establishes purchasing methods.

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What happens during Sustainment in Deployed Contracting?

- file documentation

- cost reduction

- business efficiencies

-CCO is a business advisor at this point.

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At what stage of deployed contracting is the CCO a business advisor?

initial deployment

build-up/ employment of forces


termination/ redeployment

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What happens during the termination/redeployment stage in deployed contracting?


- Contracts transition to final close out

- Contracts for life support remains until last person leaves

-CC last toleave to ensure contract close out

-After Action REport Accomplished

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Who is the last to leave during termination/ redeployment stage in deployed contracting? Why?

CCO, to ensure contract close out.

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What options must a CCO exhaust before entering contract?

- Inter-Service Support Agreements

- Other Government sources

-Host naton support (SOFA)

- Coalition Partners

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What contract is a contractor responsible for cost overage?

Firm Fixed Price Contract


Indefinite Quantity

Time and Materials

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What is the primary type of contract used?

time and materials contract

firm fixed price contract

requirements contract

indefinite quantity contract