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Use of Force totality of circumstances must consider what four factors?

-severity of the crime

-whether the person imposes an immediate threattothe safety of others

-whether the person is actively resisting

-whetherthe person is attempting to evade

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List the structure of the Department of Homeland Security.

Scretary of Homeland Defense,

Deputy secretary and under secretaries.

inspector general.

commandant of the Coast Gaurd.

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What are the two types of international agreements?

Executive Agreements and treaties

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What is the Case (Zablocki) Act?

A way for congress to ensure they were kept in the "know" within 60 days of entering an executive agreement

Tthe Secretary of State must be "consulted" and Congress must be "notified"


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How does a treaty become law?

A treaty must have advice and consent of 2/3rds of the Senate (ratified) and the President signs.

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What is the purpose of the SOFA? (3)

- Defines legal position of visiting force

-describes how authorities of visiting force controls member

-describes amenability of its members to local law - whether local laws apply to individuals


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What are the types of SOFA?

-Administrative and Technical Staff (A&T)



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What are the traits of the Administrative and Technical Staff (A&T)?


- Executive Agreement

- Used for developing, immature relationships between parties

-done for short amout of times "retainer agreement" gives individual same status as someone from an embassy