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State DOD Policy for Humanitarian and Civil Assitance (HCA) activities (7)

- Must be done in conjunction with military operations

-conducted with approval of host nation's authorities

-complement, not duplicate, other forms of social or economic assistance provided by U.S. (i.e. red cross, or sister services)

- Serve the basic economic and social needs

-be incorporated into the Geographic COCOM's security plans

-expenditures must be minimal

-should be distinguished from similar activities

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What is the goal of HCA?

To create strategic, operational, and/or tactical effects that support COCOM objectives.

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What are two types of HCA?

-Pre-planned (budgeted) HCA

-Minimal Cost HCA

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List some allowed uses of Pre-Planned HCA (4)

1.  Medical/ Dental/ Veterinary care provided in ruralor underserved areas of a country.  Includes education, training, and technical assistance related to the care provided.

2.  Construction of rudimentary surface transportation systems.

3. Well drilling.

4.Construction of rudimentary (basic) sanitationfacilities and repair of public facilities.

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List the limits of Pre-Planned HCA. (7)

- May not duplicate assistance already rendered by the US.

- May not be provided (directlyorindirectly)toany persons engaged in military or paramilitary activities

- Secretary of State must approve the assistance

-Must be paid of O&M funds

-Can not help in detection,lifting,destroying of mines

-expenses funded includes cost of consumable items, suplies, and services

-Expenses shall NOT include the cost of normalmilitary operations

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What is COMAFFOR responsible for?

Ensuring that the Air Force forces understand and comply with legal equirements.

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What is the COMAFFOR's staff judge advocate (SJA) responsibe for?

COMAFFOR SJA is responsible for providing timely and effective legal advice to the COMAFFOR.

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What are the principles of COMAFFOR?

- Command is the responsibility of an individual, not a staff.

-Command is exercised by virtue of the office and the assignment of officers holding military grades who are eligible by law to command.

-A commander can exercise command authority through subordinate commanders.

-Vice and deputy commanders have no command functions.  However, they assist the commander via planning, investigating,and providing recommendations.

- Some command authorities may be delegated; however,the responsibilities of command may never be delegated.