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The OALD Business and Finance Word

The OALD Business and Finance Word



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accountant n

Der Buchführer - a person whose job is to keep or check financial accounts

accountancy n 

Die Buchführung - the work or profession of an accountant or bookkeeper

acquisition n 

Der Erwerb -  1. a company, piece of land, etc bought by sb, especially another company, the act of buying it

adjustment n 

Ausgleich / Umstellung  - 1. a small change made to sth in oder to correct or improve it 

administration n 

die Verwaltung / die Leitung - 1. the activities that are done in order to plan, organize and run a business, schoor or other institution 

administrative adj

administrativ / verwaltend - adj. connected with organizing the work of a business or an institution  : an administrative job

advisor n

der Berater / Betreuer - a person who gives advice, especially sb who knows a lot about a particular subject

agenda n 

Agenda / Programm - a list of items to be discussed at a meeting