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vitamins are classified as

organic and inorganic

fat-soluble and water-soluble

essential and non-essential

elements and compounds

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vitamin D is called the sunshine vtamin because

it is available in orange juice

exposure to sunlight converts a a precursor to vitamin D

it can be destroyed by exposure to sunlight

all of the above

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vitamin E functions as

a coenzyme

an antioxidant

a hormone

a peroxide

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a deficiency of vitamin A can lead to the disease called





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a high intake of vitamin E can

inhibit vitamin K metabolism

lead to lead poisoning

inhibit copper absorption

cause baldness

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a vitamin synthesised by bacteria in the intestine is

vitamin A

vitamin D

vitamin E

vitamin K

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Bowed legs, an enlarged and mishapen head and enarged knee joints in children are all symptoms of




vitamin D toxicity

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Thiamin, riboflavin and niacin are calle the "energy" vitamins because they

can be broken down to provide energy

are coenzmyes needed for release of energy from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins

are ingredients in energy drinks such as Powerade

are needed in large amounts by competitive athletes