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The diets of adults tend to be low in ____

vitamin E



all of the above

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The reason the indidence of obesity increases with age is that:

the basal metabolic rate decreases with age

physica lactivity ofteh decreases with age

energy intake exceeds energy expenditures

all of the above

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The immune system becomes less efficient with age, so it is especially important to consume adequate _____and _________, nutrients that contribute to immune function.

vitamin A , vitamin B6

protein, zinc

zinc, iodine

vitamin A, vitamin K

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Which of the following does not describe a physiological change of ageing?

decreases in digestion and absorption capacity

reduction in lean body mass

lower basal metabolism

increase in taste sensitivity

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To maintain optimal nutritional status and helathy weigh, the diet of an older person should have a _______ nutrient density and be _________ in energy content

low; high

high; low

high; moderate

high, high

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Nutrition programs such as community meals ar home -delivered meals provide which of the following?

an improved nutritional status

a social atmosphere

an economical meal for low-income elderly

all of the above

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During ageing, the needs for vitamins and minerals

continually fluctuate

greatly decrease

somewhat increase in some cases

greatly increase

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Alcohol is digested in the


small intestine


none of the above, alcohol requires no digestion