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A computer that enables resource sharing by other computers on the same network.

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Provides access to the network for applications and certain end-user functions. Displays incoming information and prepares outgoing information for network access.
OSI model Application
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The OSI Model :


•Protocol interaction
Layer directly above and below
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The OSI Model :


•Application layer protocols
Interact with software
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•Top (seventh) OSI model layer •Does not include software applications •Protocol functions –Facilitates communication between software applications and lower-layer network services –Network interprets application request –Application interprets data sent from network•Software applications negotiate with application layer protocols

–Formatting, procedural, security, synchronization, and other requirements

Example of Application layer protocol: HTTP

Application Layer
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•Model for understanding and developing network computer-to-computer communications •Developed by ISO in the 1980s •Divides network communications into seven layers –Physical, Data Link, Network, Transport, Session, Presentation, Application
The OSI Model
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•Protocol functions –Accept Application layer data –Format data •Understandable to different applications and hosts •Examples of file types translated at the presentation layer –GIF, JPG, TIFF, MPEG, QuickTime •Presentation layer services manage data encryption and decryption –Example protocol: Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Presentation Layer
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•Protocol functions –Coordinate and maintain communications between two network nodes •Session –Connection for ongoing data exchange between two parties •Connection between remote client and access server •Connection between Web browser client and Web server

•Functions –Establishing and keeping alive communications link •For session duration –Keeping communications secure –Synchronizing dialogue between two nodes –Determining if communications ended •Determining where to restart transmission –Terminating communications –Set terms of communication –Identify session participants
Session Layer