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Questions for nav exam

Questions for nav exam

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What is the correct definition of latitude of a position on the earth?

Latitude is the angle between the plane of the equator ant the line from the centre of th earth to the position.

The circum ference of the earth is approximately:-

The equatorial circumference is approximately 40,000km or 21.600NM

The maximum difference between gecentric and geodetic latitude occurs at about :-

45° North and South

Geodetic latitude, also referred to as geografic Latitude, is determined by the angle between the normal of the oblatespheroid and the plane of the equator, whereas geocentric latitude is determined around the center.

Unless otherwies specified latitude is geodectic latitude.

THe maximum diference between Geocentric and geodetic latitudes occurs at 45° north and South.

The minimum difference occurs at the Equator and the poles, where thy are equal.

Which figure in The Appendix represents the geocentric latitude of position P, Which is situated above the surface of the ellipsoid?

Figure B

Meridians of Longitude

Meridians run north/South

Parallels of Latitude

Parallels of latitude run East/West

Geocentric latitude


Geodetic Latitude