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List the valid documents for MIL ATC regulations.

- ATMM Switzerland (inclusive BLUE pages!)
- ATMM II (local manuals)
- OM C - Regelement 56.101
- Behelf für den Luftkampf BLK, Regelement 56.020

- Letters of Agreement, LoA's
- Service Orders (SO) and Information (IN): OM, OMF (Aerodromes) / OMT (ADDC)

What is an important document for aerodromes?


What is an important document for the ADDC?


What is the AOC?

Air Operation Center (Swiss Air Force)

What are the duties/responsibilities of the AOC? (4)

- decision about the execution of SAF activities within Switzerland
- planning, organization and coordination of the SAF activities and decisions about the alternate aerodromes
- lead the activities inside the military areas during military operation hours
- when needed, call in of aviate experts (for example in case of emergency)

What is the CAD? (duties?)

Chief Air Defense

=  a representative of the AOC, located within the ADDC during MIL OPS times;

responsible to initiate live ident missions etc.

What is the CFO?

Chief Flight Operations

What are the duties/responsibilities of the CFO?

- lead and supervise flight operations at his dedicated airbase
- coordinate flight operations with the AOC
- make decisions in regard to the execution of flight operations at his dedicated airbase
- supervise reserve pilots currency missions and issue mission orders where applicable
- support the resolution of problems related to flight operations
- supervise bird activity and order countermeasures where applicable
- lead the weekly flight operation meeting
- support air crew in case of emergency
- inform about flight accidents and start immediate action according to MFU handbook
- inform skyguide, support and logistic units about flight operations and related specialities