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What's the content of a traffic information?

1. What (type of acft)
2. Where (position)
3. What altitude
4. Which direction

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What means METAR?

Meteorological Aerodrome Report

-> statement of observed meteorological conditions related to a specified time and location and which will be published in intervals of 30 or 60 minutes

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What does/can a MET report include?

- name of aerodrome and time of observation
- mean surface wind direction and speed, and significant variations there from
- visibility, including significant directional variations, when provided
- Runway Visual Range (RVR)
- present meteorological conditions
- amount and height of base of low clouds
- air temperature and dew-point temperature
- altimeter settings
- other supplementary information
- if appropriate, information regarding expected changes as indicated in the landing forecast

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When can you use CAVOK in a METAR and what does it replace?

- VIS 10 km or more
- no cloud below 5'000 ft or highest MSA (Minimum Sector Altitude), whichever is greater
- no CB, no precipitation, no shallow fog, no low drifting snow, no thunderstorms

-> replace visibility, present meteorological conditions and cloud information

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What are the Colour Codes?

BLUE+ -> Ceiling: no ceiling / < 20'000 ft ... VIS: > 8 km

BLUE -> Ceiling: 2'500 ft ... VIS: 8 km

WHITE -> Ceiling: 1'500 ft ... VIS: 5 km

GREEN -> Ceiling: 700 ft ... VIS: 3700 m

YELLOW -> Ceiling: 300 ft ... VIS: 1600 m

AMBER -> Ceiling: 200 ft ... VIS: 800 m

RED -> less than amber

BLACK -> airfield not useable for other reasons than cloud and/or visibility 

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When can you use "OPEN 5 / 2000"?

- wind within limits
- VIS more than 5 km
- ceiling at least 2'000 ft or MDH (minimum descend height) for circle to land approach +500 ft WIH
- WX: no shallow fog (MIFG), no thunderstorms (TS), no heavy precipitation
- RWY condition at least BA medium and no fluid contamination, no untreated sheet ice

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What are the different RWY conditions? Define "standing water".

dry -> runway dry
damp -> change of colour
wet -> runway wet but no standing water 
water patches -> standing water
flooded -> standing water

"standing water" -> more than 25% of runway surface area covered by water more than 3 mm deep

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Which details do you have to state in a PIREP?

- altitude of phenomena (up to 5'000 in feet, above in FL)
- location / geographical details
- type of acft involved
- time of observation in UTC