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What are the possibilities + restrictions for extended flight operation hours (jets)?

08:00 - 08:30
single movement, clearance of CFO

12:00 - 13:30
no departures, earliest landing 13:15, prior planning before Thursday previous week, AOC

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Which three points coordinates/decides the AOC in the weekly meeting?

- extended flight operation hours
- alternate aerodromes
- over-time compensation

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Who decides about operations outside ATC Service Hours?

F900, SKA, TO, B1900, Citation, Jet, IFR:
AOC in agreement with AB Cdr and Air Force Support

Helicopter and Prop VFR:
CFO in agreement with AOC, AB Cdr and AF Log

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What's the restriction for training approaches (e.g. NOLA) when aerodrome not ready for operations?

min. 1'000 ft/AGL

no T/G!

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What are the conditions for helicopter operations outside ATC Service Hours?

- individual helicopters only (max. 5)
- no VIP on board 

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What airport status checking features are available? Where are they used?

MILAFIS -> DUB, PAY, MEI, Axalp (LS-R6), Dammastock (LS-R8), Grandvillard (LS-D7), Brigels (LS-D10), Gluringen (LS-R9), Schanf (LS-R11/11A)



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What are the LP24 hours?

now: MO-FR, 08:00-18:00

2017: 365 days, 08:00-18:00

2018: 365 days, 06:00-22:00

2021: 365 days, 24 hrs

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What are possible reasons for t/o or landing with tailwind?

- insolation
- prevailing weather conditions
- tactical reasons (scramble DEP)
- coordination with other aerodromes
- air display
- failure of IFR equipment
- noise abatement, pollution