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What are the valid documents/manuals for ATC?

- Flugfunk - Reglement 56.6 (under constructio)
(- Behelf Luftkampf BLK Reglement 56.020)
(- Air Policing)
(- Air Combat)
- OM C Reglement 56.101 (GEN, COM, DATA, FLPL)

- Service Orders OM / OMF / OMM
- ATMM CH, especially blue pages
- ATMM 2
- LoAs

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What are the responsibilities of the CFO?

Chief Flight Operation

- lead and supervise the flight operations at his dedicated airbase
- coordinate flight operations with the air operations center (AOC)
- make decisions in regard to the execution of the flight operations at his dedicated airbase
- support the resolution of problems related to flight operations
- lead the weekly flight operation meeting
- supervise reserve pilots currency missions and issue mission orders where applicable
- support air crew in case of emergency
- supervise bird activity and order counter measurements where applicable
- inform skyguide and support and logistic units about flight operations and related specialties
- inform about flight accidents and take immediate action according MFU handbook

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What are the responsibilities of ATC?

- issue information and clearances (...)
- provide radar vectoring of arriving traffic onto pilot interpreted final approach aids or to a point where a PRA, SRA or a visual approach can be made
- provide radar monitoring of other pilot interpreted final approaches
- provide separation between: succeeding departing acft, succeeding arriving acft and a departing acft and a succeeding arriving acft
- radar monitoring for flights within Swiss TSA
- ensure MVA for IFR flights
- act as a fighter controller
- crossing clearance for civil airways and buffer zones
- alerting and guidance of the CFR unit to the place of incident
- inform and support organizations in case of SAR mission or emergency
- check the readiness for departure of tiger F5 (nose strut extended)

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What's the CPSO? What are its duties?

Centralized Pilot Support Office

located in AOC Dübendorf

- Meteo Wall
published in FIS LW/IMLIP

Military ATS Chart for Restricted Air Space

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What are the duties of the Runway Controller?

- monitor the condition of the runway and associated technical systems (with respect to availability and serviceability) and inform about any problems
- monitor aircraft configurations (on final or about to take off) and act with light signals  (red light, red flare) in case of any irregularities
- monitor runway, taxiways and approach sector in resptect to any conflicting traffic
- monitor the bird strike potential and take counter-action and report to CFO
- act as follow-me if required

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State and define the different opening hours of aerodromes.

- Air Traffic Control Service Hours
"airbase ready for operation (for civil airspace users)"
COM, TWR (min. 1), MET, CFR

- Restricted Flight Service Hours
"airbase open for take-off and landings"
COM, TWR, RWY/TWY, MET, lim. COR, CFR, IFR on request

- Regular Flight Service Hours
"Air force flight service"

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To which flights do the restricted service hours not apply? (7)

- arms control and peace keeping misisons (OSCE)
- subsidiary assistance missions (e.g. forest fighting)
- subsidiary security operations (e.g. air sovereignty)
- flights for public events
- WK

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What are the general flight operation hours?

08:30 - 11:50 (except MO: 10:00 for IFR and jets)

13:30 - 17:00