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What are the speed restrictions for MIL traffic?

at and above FL330: > M 0.95
at and above FL100 until below FL330: max. M 0.95

below FL100: M 0.9, liaison flight: M 0.7

inside CTR/TMA: max. 350 kts

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State two RT examples for joining instructions.

1. Next reporting point / Kind of approach
2. Runway in use
3. Altitude instruction
4. QNH

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"Report circuit positions" -> what will the pilot report?

- mid downwind
- mid baseleg
- begin final

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Under what circumstances is formation landing forbidden?

- contaminated runway
- at night
- high bird activity reported
- dissimilar aircraft configurations or types
- technical and operational restrictions (SAF manual) dictate single landing
- short field arrested landing needed

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How do pilots roll out after a formation landing?

they stay on each others side, until taxi speed, then both join slow lande (= oriented towards taxiways, exit, TARMAC)

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How is the PC-21 traffic circuit at the different airfields?

EMM -> 1 NM longer as prop circuit, 3000 ft

PAY -> 3000 ft, prop

SIO -> 25: jet cct 5000 ft, 07: prop cct 3000 or 4000 ft

MEI -> jet circuit 4000 ft

DUB -> 3000 ft, OM C

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What's the separation for landing aircraft?

1000 metres

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What's the separation for landing and departing aircraft?

2000 metres