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What if a brake chute is not dropped at intended position but on the runway?

take-off: forbidden! except intersection clear of chute or taxi around

landing: single landing allowed, inform about position

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Name the 4 types of scramble orders.

- "active air" -> hot/live missions, ordered by CAD/CIND
- "exercise" -> exercises given priority
- "daily ops" -> standard exercises accordint ATO
- "airbase practice" -> maybe even without departure

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What info shall be passed to radar in case of a scramble?

1. Callsign
2. Runway in use
3. Flight size (nr of acft)
4. ADDC radio channel

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Name the 7 different alert statuses.

A0 -> readiness or MNM 90 minutes
A1 -> take-off within 60 min
A2 -> take-off within 35 min
A3 -> take-off within 15 min, QRA pilot in office, acft ready in shelter
A4 -> take-off within 3 min, pilot in acft + engines off
A5 -> take-off within 1 min, pilot in acft + engines running
A6 -> airborne

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State the CIV / MIL priority regulation.

1. Scramble Order (USO) type "Active Air"
4. DEP IFR CIV with CTOT (inform ADDC about slot)
5. Scramble Order type "Exercise"
6. Scramble Order type "Daily Ops"
8. DEP IFR CIV without CTOT

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What are the clearance expiry times? Definition of start and end?

airbase - airbase -> 4 min
airbase - ADDC -> 2 min

start when clearance has been issued, ends latest when airborne

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How do you clear helicopters for take-off? EC / AS? When do you NOT issue take-off clearance?

Don't issue take-off clearance if
- site uncontrolled, e.g. not on manoeuvring area
- traffic conditions unknown (on manoeuvring area but not in sight)

EC: "T-346, QNH 1018, wind 090 degrees 6 knots, heliport depart at own discretion."

AS: "T-331, taxi approved, QNH 1018, report ready for departure."
AS: "T-331, wind 090 degrees 6 knots, pumaport depart at own discretion."

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What has ATC to do in case of a Sierra climb?

- assign transponder code
- find out position if not clear on radar
- give traffic information as far as pracicable
- provide max level to pilot