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When is a standing take-off compulsory?

- contaminated runway (= water patches, flooded - "standing water")

- LVP in operation

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What's the restriciton for take-offs at night?

single take-offs only

(two-ship radar trail = single take-off)

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What are the distances for formation take-offs?

not more than two if runway width <40 metres

multiple line-up: 300 metres in between

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No section take-offs are allowed if...?

- at night or in LVP
- contaminated runway
- high bird activity reported
- runway width less than 30m
- dissimilar aircraft configurations or types
- technical or operational restrictions (SAF manuals) dictate single take-off

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For which aircrafts is a take-off over cable possible

Tiger and Hornet, only SINGLE

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What can you expect if a F18 has to abort take-off?

with 100 kts or more: pilot may ask for the CFR to cool down brakes

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Explain the use of short/long field cables + crash barriers.

landing for F5, F18 and PC21:
long field cable and arresting barrier -> up

take-off for F5, F18, PC21:
long field cable and arresting barrier -> up

landing with short field cable -> only possible for F18

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What are the 3 possible missions for the UAS?

- fly traffic circuit (for landing or circuit training)

- mission within CTR/TMA (reconaissance, training)

- join up with chase plane (PC-6, if leaving airspace)