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What are the 3 general wind limitations?

40 kts -> normal operations, jet

60 kts -> LTDB flights

50 kts -> general helicopter ops

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What departure info is required before taxi?

1. Runway in use
2. Wind direction and speed
3. Altimeter setting
4. Temperature (for turbine acft)

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What are the taxi intervals and max. taxi speed?

70 m in trail
50 m staggered

max. speed 30 kts (FOD)

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What's the content of a taxi clearance?

1. Runway in use
2. Altimeter Setting / QNH
3. Other specific information

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What are the taxi restrictions regarding cable?

taxi over allowed for:
- F5 / F18
- PC7 / DHC6 -> max. speed 20 kts

if taxi over, inform maintenance

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When is the use of a headset mandatory?

- visits in tower
- maintenance
- cleaning
- a lot of traffic
- other noisy activities

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Which acft should report POB?

PC-6, Helicopters, LTDB flights

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What's the take-off separation between individual aircraft?

1000 metres

1 min for formation elements under IFR (except radar trail), if same departure procedure