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How does a NORDO approach within formation work?

NORDO acft is wingman, formation straight-in approach, leader reports 3 greens + does go around, wingman lands

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RCF in flight - procedure for fixed-wing aircraft? Radar identification procedure?

- squawk 7700
- try to re-establish radio communication and listen to emergency frequencies
- maintain VMC as long as possible (if unable to comply with radar identification procedure)

triangle right (1min, 120°) -> transmitter failure
triangle left ( 1min, 120°) -> transmitter and receiver failure

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RCF in flight - procedure for helicopters?

- in VMC and ground in sight, land at next suitable landing site

- avoid any airfield traffic circuit areas or CTRs

- report problems and intentions to ATC by phone

- return acft to home base

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Gear problems - procedure for helicopters?

if maintenance crew not advised, hover over maintenance area, wait for ground crew

puma aim for belly landing, better than one gear side out

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When does a COMLOSS exist? What needs to be done? How does a report look like? 

after 3 unsuccessful attempts to contact an acft by ATCO on assigned frequency or 121.5

inform SPVR, SPVR forwards to ADDC (CAD)

1. Callsign
2. position
3. compliance with flight plan profile
4. other relevant information, if available

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What's the procedure for aircraft stated "lost" or "overdue"?

5 min -> inform supervisor (theoretically)

15 min -> try to establish radio contact (yellow)

30 min -> inform CFO/AOC (red)

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What's the contingency procedure for weapon problems - noticed by pilot? maintenance? fire brigade?

- pilot informs ATC
- ATC informs fire brigade
- ATC informs CTS
- pilot taxies to hot gun area

- maintenance informs pilot
- pilot informs ATC
- ATC informs fire brigade
- pilot taxies to hot gun area

fire brigade:
- fire brigade informs ATC
- ATC informs pilot
- ATC informs CTS
- pilot taxies to hot gun area

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What's the standard separation rule in ATMM CH?

Separate the following acft...
- IFR and IFR in C, D, E
- IFR and VFR in C
- IFR and SVFR

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What's the "military" addition to the separation rules in airspace D (OAT)?

- IFR and VFR flights within TSA according to local ADDC procedures

- MIL-MIL and CIV-MIL within CTR/TMA

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What's the standard separation between military aircrafts?

- 1'000 ft vertical, or

- geographical

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What's special about the German Eurofighter Typhoon?

2'000 ft below FL290 if speed exceeds M 0.7

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What's the separation from parachute operations?

1'000 ft above the parachute-dropping acft

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IFR arrival vs. VFR departure opposite - general rule?

- apply 1'000 ft vertical separation until other means of separation established

- PAPA approaches or 1'000 ft can not be assured: departure has to begin take-off roll before arrival reaches 15 NM

- give traffic information to departing acft including distance of arriving acft

- instruct departing acft to vacate axis as soon as possible

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IFR arrival vs. VFR departure opposite - DUB, PAY, EMM 04?

IFR jet approach -> 7 NM

IFR prop, helicopter -> 5 NM


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Traffic information to UAS about traffic on .... tracks.

crossing / converging

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What are the valid documents/manuals for ATC?

- Flugfunk - Reglement 56.6 (under constructio)
(- Behelf Luftkampf BLK Reglement 56.020)
(- Air Policing)
(- Air Combat)
- OM C Reglement 56.101 (GEN, COM, DATA, FLPL)

- Service Orders OM / OMF / OMM
- ATMM CH, especially blue pages
- ATMM 2
- LoAs

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What are the responsibilities of the CFO?

Chief Flight Operation

- lead and supervise the flight operations at his dedicated airbase
- coordinate flight operations with the air operations center (AOC)
- make decisions in regard to the execution of the flight operations at his dedicated airbase
- support the resolution of problems related to flight operations
- lead the weekly flight operation meeting
- supervise reserve pilots currency missions and issue mission orders where applicable
- support air crew in case of emergency
- supervise bird activity and order counter measurements where applicable
- inform skyguide and support and logistic units about flight operations and related specialties
- inform about flight accidents and take immediate action according MFU handbook

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What are the responsibilities of ATC?

- issue information and clearances (...)
- provide radar vectoring of arriving traffic onto pilot interpreted final approach aids or to a point where a PRA, SRA or a visual approach can be made
- provide radar monitoring of other pilot interpreted final approaches
- provide separation between: succeeding departing acft, succeeding arriving acft and a departing acft and a succeeding arriving acft
- radar monitoring for flights within Swiss TSA
- ensure MVA for IFR flights
- act as a fighter controller
- crossing clearance for civil airways and buffer zones
- alerting and guidance of the CFR unit to the place of incident
- inform and support organizations in case of SAR mission or emergency
- check the readiness for departure of tiger F5 (nose strut extended)

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What's the CPSO? What are its duties?

Centralized Pilot Support Office

located in AOC Dübendorf

- Meteo Wall
published in FIS LW/IMLIP

Military ATS Chart for Restricted Air Space

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What are the duties of the Runway Controller?

- monitor the condition of the runway and associated technical systems (with respect to availability and serviceability) and inform about any problems
- monitor aircraft configurations (on final or about to take off) and act with light signals  (red light, red flare) in case of any irregularities
- monitor runway, taxiways and approach sector in resptect to any conflicting traffic
- monitor the bird strike potential and take counter-action and report to CFO
- act as follow-me if required

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State and define the different opening hours of aerodromes.

- Air Traffic Control Service Hours
"airbase ready for operation (for civil airspace users)"
COM, TWR (min. 1), MET, CFR

- Restricted Flight Service Hours
"airbase open for take-off and landings"
COM, TWR, RWY/TWY, MET, lim. COR, CFR, IFR on request

- Regular Flight Service Hours
"Air force flight service"

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To which flights do the restricted service hours not apply? (7)

- arms control and peace keeping misisons (OSCE)
- subsidiary assistance missions (e.g. forest fighting)
- subsidiary security operations (e.g. air sovereignty)
- flights for public events
- WK

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What are the general flight operation hours?

08:30 - 11:50 (except MO: 10:00 for IFR and jets)

13:30 - 17:00

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What are the possibilities + restrictions for extended flight operation hours (jets)?

08:00 - 08:30
single movement, clearance of CFO

12:00 - 13:30
no departures, earliest landing 13:15, prior planning before Thursday previous week, AOC

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Which three points coordinates/decides the AOC in the weekly meeting?

- extended flight operation hours
- alternate aerodromes
- over-time compensation

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Who decides about operations outside ATC Service Hours?

F900, SKA, TO, B1900, Citation, Jet, IFR:
AOC in agreement with AB Cdr and Air Force Support

Helicopter and Prop VFR:
CFO in agreement with AOC, AB Cdr and AF Log

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What's the restriction for training approaches (e.g. NOLA) when aerodrome not ready for operations?

min. 1'000 ft/AGL

no T/G!

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What are the conditions for helicopter operations outside ATC Service Hours?

- individual helicopters only (max. 5)
- no VIP on board 

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What airport status checking features are available? Where are they used?

MILAFIS -> DUB, PAY, MEI, Axalp (LS-R6), Dammastock (LS-R8), Grandvillard (LS-D7), Brigels (LS-D10), Gluringen (LS-R9), Schanf (LS-R11/11A)



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What are the LP24 hours?

now: MO-FR, 08:00-18:00

2017: 365 days, 08:00-18:00

2018: 365 days, 06:00-22:00

2021: 365 days, 24 hrs