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MILPORT Airspace

MILPORT Airspace

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Name the two important boundary lines of Switzerland.

CTA boundary (Zurich / Geneva Control Area)

Separation line MITTELLAND/JURA - ALPS

What is the CTA boundary? Where is it?

divides Switzerland into Control Area Geneva and Control Area Zurich

Le Noirmont - St. Petersinsel - Niesen - Fiesch

Why is there a corne in the southeastern part of the CTA boundary?

to prevent civil IFR approaches inbound Sion from penetrating CTA Zurich

What's the relevance of the CTA boundary?

to know who's responsible for VFR traffic requesting to climb into airspace C

Geneva or Zurich Delta

What is the separation line MITTELLAND/JURA - ALPS?

divides Switzerland in a northern and southern part

Which airspace class do you never find in Switzerland (except CTRs and TMAs)?


What's the general airspace classification within Switzerland (outside CTRs and TMAs)?

GND - 2000 ft -> G
2000 ft - FL 100 -> E
above -> C

GND - 2000 ft -> G
MIL OFF: 2000 ft - FL150 -> E
MIL ON: 2000 ft - FL130 -> E
above -> C

Which airspaces do you find in Switzerland?

D (only CTRs and TMAs)