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Management by exception is:

a. a management tool to save time and effort

b. a technique that focuses on unplanned results

c. made possible by establishing benchmarks

d. All of the options given

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A variable selling expense is:


a. All of the options given

b. an expense that never changes

c. an expense that is directly proportional to sales

d. an expense that is indirectly proportional to sales

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If cash is collectd at the sale:

a. the operating cycle will be shorter than if sold on credit

b. the account receivable will be increased as a result of the sale

c. the account payable will be decreased as a result of the sale

d. the operating cycle will be longer than if sold on credit

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The master budget for a service business:


a. excludes the projected financial statements

b. excludes the cash budget

c. excludes a purchases budget

d. excludes a sales budget

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Budgeting is:

a. a management accountability process

b. a tax compliance process

c. a decision making process

d. a share holder accountability process

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When a business sells land, buildings or equipment, it is reported in the ________ section of the statement of cash flows

a. operating

b. financing

c. expense Account

d. investing

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An operating cycle is:

a. The average time before a business must reorder inventory

b. An entire year

c. The time it takes for a business to realize a profit

d. The average time it takes for a business to buy inventory, sell it to customers and to collect cash from customers

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Which of the following is an interrelated report associated with a master budget?

a. Activities associated with the operating cycle

b. Expected financial results

c. General and administrative expenses budget

d. Goals to be met