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1) What does the changing nature of marketing do?

forces marketing professionals/organisations to re-examine their assumptions about marketing and the adequacy of best practices flowing from these assumptions.

The movement is towards thinking of marketing less as a function and more as a set of values and processes that all functions participate in implementing.” 

1) three components of modern marketing concept 

Customer orientation

Integrated effort

Goal achievement

1) Key components of modern marketing concept 

customer orientation

achievement of corporate goals through meeting and exceeding customer needs better than competition

e.g. quantity, quality, trust (emotional value) product performance, relational value (trust)

1) Key components of modern marketing concept 

Integrated effort 

All staff accept threir responsibility for creating customer satisfaction 

Across al departments (finance, r&d, engineers...)

1) Key components of modern marketing concept  goal achievement 


The belief that corporate goals can be achieved through customer satisfaction 

“By maintaining an outside-in focus, companies can understand what customers value and how to consistently innovate new sources of value that keep bringing them back” 

1) Marketing communcations

Building brand awareness & 

getting message across ccurately 

2) benefit of studying marketing environment 

allows marketerts to:

-take advantage of opportunities

-combat threats

2) Macro-Environment Forces

Important to monitor.